• #gone2ghana2019
    23rd December, 2019 to 1st January, 2020

About The Trip

Welcome to Gone2Ghana 2019. This trip is designed to give a luxury inside view of the beautiful Ghanaian culture.

Founded by Hayet Rida and Elorm Baeta, this trip takes you on a captivating journey through Ghana.

You can expect mix of night life, cultural heritage, culinary explorations, leisure activities against the beautiful backdrop of Africa's pearl.

Cost of Trip

The total cost for the Gone2Ghana 2019 trip is $4,500, all inclusive of:

  • Flights (Economy) Either from (NYC - Accra- NYC) or (Chicago - Accra - Chicago)
  • Hotel Accommodation – Shared rooms (4 Star)
  • Food - 3 meals daily
  • Tourist Activity Expenses
  • Transportation (Airport pickup and drop off in Accra, Group transportation in Ghana)
  • Medical Insurance (Basic coverage in Accra)
  • WIFI
  • Payment plans available

Payment Options

Option 1

$ 4,200
  • 1 Payment of $4,200 in full by 1st March, 2019

Option 2

$ 4,300
  • 4 Payments of $1,075 in full by 31st October 2019

Option 3

$ 4,500
  • 9 Payments of $500 in full by 30th November 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ghana?

Ghana is located in Western Africa, right between Ivory Coast and Togo

How hot is Ghana?

Ghana is located right over the equator, which makes it incredibly hot. Temperatures can range from a high of 100F and low of 60F

How safe is Ghana?

One of the safest countries in Africa. Safer than a lot of places in the US

Will I catch Malaria in Ghana?

Ghana is located in the malaria region. As a precaution, we require all travelers to take malaria prevention medications ahead of the trip.

Why is the trip so expensive?

We curated this trip to give the full Ghanaian experience at a great cost. It is our intention that once you touch down in Accra, all expenses are covered.

Can I come on this trip if I am not a blogger?

This trip is open to all persons. However, we will hold a certain number of slots for bloggers.

Can I come on this trip alone?

We are supporters of Solo travel and encourage everyone to explore this trip together. Please note that if coming solo, we will pair you with another solo traveler.

Is this a girls trip?

This year's trip is open to all genders.

What is the minimum age?

At this time we reserve this trip for adults 18 and above

What if I cannot afford this trip?

To help ease the costs of the trip, we have provided payment plan options. Please note that these payment plans are strict, so once you sign up, we expect that you adhere to them. See payment plans here

Can I buy my own plane ticket?

Unfortunately, we receive group rates from our airline partners so you will be unable to purchase your own ticket, or use miles.

What if I don't live in NYC or Chicago?

Our origin flights to Accra will depart from NYC and Chicago. If these are not your origin cities, you will be responsible for getting to those cities with ample time to catch your flight

How do I secure my spot?

To secure your spot, we require a $500 non refundable deposit after acceptance into the travel group

What if I begin making payments and I have to pull out?

Unfortunately this trip is non refundable once you have begun making payments. We encourage you to get travel insurance to protect you from any unexpected changes.

How do I apply?

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